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Want to buy a house? What you need to do?


This is an effort to dispel any stress potential buyers may have. Buying a home is a serious matter, after all it's one of, if the most costly investment one will make in their lifetime. Today we will discuss the first thing you need to do.

First, contact your bank or credit union. Let them know you want a pre-approval for home purchase. This pre-approval should be a free service. Pre-approval will give you concrete conclusions about your ability to purchase a home and establish a comfortable price range.

Don't worry about having your credit pulled by 2 or 3 lenders. It will not affect your credit ability.

You will receive a credit score from your lender. 2 things will happen. You'll be able to buy now or you may have to wait a bit. If you have to wait your lender should be able to give you a plan to become financially able over a period of time.

Feel free to contact me with further questions about the process.

Fred Harris Jr.

ReMax Elite Homes QC


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